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What we do

We understand the complexities of running a small business. Without the right tools, support, or experience, it can be stressful and exhausting. We’re the extra support that you’ve been missing. Take your business to the next level with Zenkeep.



Awesome Bookkeeping

Zenkeep is a cloud-based bookkeeping firm. We are 100% Xero accountants. This means our clients have 24/7 access anytime and from anywhere to their accounting records. We work with company’s across the United States, and offer the following bookkeeping services:

  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reconciliations
  • Monthly financial reviews, including P&L and Balance Sheet reporting
  • Prior reconciliation of your books and a dedicated Xero Certified Associate
  • We take care of any periodic adjusting entries from your CPA
  • Monthly Key Performance Indicator reports to help you understand your business

Zen Start





Inventory Systems

If thinking about inventory management gives you a migraine, you need Zenkeep. We help businesses implement streamlined, integrated inventory management systems. Your accounting solution should be doing the heavy work for you. Some of the features we can help you with:

  • Unify your sales channels, including: Amazon, Shopify, eBay and more
  • Sync your data, and monitor sales and orders in real time
  • Accurate accounting is possible when integrating with Xero
  • Analyzing sales trends and forecasting becomes a reality with our help
  • Know your costs through the use of intelligent software

Go Paperless


Go Paperless

Excessive paperwork is a nightmare for any business. In the old days, a bookkeeper would work full-time to stay on top of the mounds of documents created in the form of invoices, receipts, expense reports, inventory logs, and bills. Say goodbye to clutter, and say hello to business zen. Here’s how we can help:

  • Get rid of paper backlog, and transition to a paperless work environment

  • Keep receipt data organized all the time
  • Documents undergo OCR scanning to become usable electronically
  • Every source document that we create is available to you via secure links
  • Prevent frustration and time waste with our integrated solutions



Reports you need

Most small businesses use their bank statements to measure financial performance. This is not accurate, and also doesn’t provide the business owner any ideas regarding how to improve sales and operations. At Zenkeep, we provide analysis and useful financial reports every month. With Zenkeep, you’ll unlock:

  • Monthly P&L and Balance Sheets, including Common size versions

  • Understand your cash flow needs with cash flow statements
  • We take boring accounting data and turn them into insightful visual reports
  • Deeper discussions around Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • KPI reports will allow you to properly monitor, measure and improve your business performance

Point of Sale


Point of Sale

This is where the magic happens. It’s our belief that your Point of Sale should be both a pleasant, and highly functional business task. We can help you integrate your Point of Sale with both your inventory management and accounting systems. We’ll help you:

  • Increase customer loyalty by implementing loyalty programs

  • Real time reporting that provide both sales and staff performance
  • Work in the cloud and offline. Always be selling
  • Connect your back office. No more standalone system dysfunction
  • More ways to sell. We’ll help you implement highly scalable systems

Delightful Payroll


Delightful Payroll

Taking care of your employees and contractors is critical. At Zenkeep, we work with best in class payroll partners to ensure that your payroll needs are always met. No more paper paystubs, hand-written checks, or accounting headaches. We implement streamlined payroll solutions to fit every business situation:

  • Automatic calculation of State and Federal payroll taxes

  • Give your employees online access to their paystubs, and pay history
  • Accessible from any device. Run your payroll from your smartphone
  • Integration with Xero accounting means accurate books
  • Save huge amounts of time. No more headaches or frustration



Paying the bills

When you’re starting out, paying the bills is manageable. Once you start hiring and begin delegating purchasing power, you need a robust system for managing your accounts payable. We understand this, and love helping businesses manage this growth problem. We’ll help you:

  • Go paperless. Clients receive and pay bills online

  • Automate the approval process. Reduce redundancy and lag time
  • Pay bills electronically with no duplicate data entry
  • View accrued, actual and projected cash flows in real-time
  • Managing client invoices is easy, and integrates with Xero



Invoicing + Jobs

Managing multiple people, projects, teams, tasks and more? You need job and project management, invoicing and billing software that integrates with your accounting system. We’re experts at implementing invoicing solutions that flow through to Xero. Some features you’ll love:

  • Track time and budgets on projects. Everything copies into Xero

  • Avoid double entry. Turn billable hours into invoices automatically
  • Instant visibility. Gain insights into profitability via time-based reporting
  • Generate estimates, proposals and more, quickly
  • Manage and analyze expenses easily. Job association is simple

Time Tracking


Tracking Time

Scheduling and keeping track of employee time can be a tremendous pain. We help businesses transition into lean, mean time tracking machines. Managing time and expenses should be simple, and it should only require one touch point. We’ll help you implement the following:

  • Schedule your employees with ease. Collaborate and approve seamlessly

  • Accurately budget and manage your employees time. No more guessing
  • Create schedules and receive real-time availability feedback
  • Managing multiple locations couldn’t be easier
  • Timesheets flow straight through to your payroll and Xero accounting

Other Services


Our mission is to make bookkeeping a zen experience for business owners. We utilize the best processes and technology to make this possible. We help business owners focus on generating and managing revenue, by removing the chaos around their current accounting system. We like to keep it zen.

Take your business to the next level

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